Watch These 3 CommunityChannel Videos And Fall In Love

Guilty Pleasure | Claudia Rojas | May 14, 2016

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Natalie Tran, also known as CommunityChannel, may just be YouTube’s fav Australian funny-bones.

In September 2016, an Australian college-age girl began venting into her camera. This was the start of CommunityChannel. Keep in mind that YouTube first aired in February 2005. In 2010, Business Insider estimated she made about $100k off her videos. Today she has an entry in IMDb for her role in the Australian film, Goddess (2013). It’s true, new and younger faces are making money off YouTube, but Natalie keeps attracting new subscribers, nearly 2 million of them.

CommunityChannel’s scope:

1. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Apology Video – Making Of

Natalie’s most watched video on YouTube is actually a response-type, How to Get Six Packs. That video is several years old, but this “Making Of” sketch is a recent upload and response to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s apology video for sneaking in Amber’s pet dogs into Australia. Here, Natalie asks the real questions. Read the video description: “Just to clarify: Australia is a great country and I know the majority of us care about our biosecurity laws (as we should). This video is just to ask a few questions. Why was it made? What will it achieve? […] Did I already own this hat? Did I try to write on both sides of the paper first?”

2. natalie.tran is taken

What stands out about CommunityChannel is she’s a one-woman show. It’s rare to see someone other than the girl herself act in her sketches. This video features Maddie, a Username Collector. Maddie is among numerous personas invented for CommunityChannel. The addictive viewer will notice some of these personas make recurrences, while other characters don’t. Like many CommunityChannel videos, this video ends with Porno/Music Comment Time, Natalie’s signature timeslot to read the comments her subscribers have left in the previously uploaded video. This is an acceptable time to tune out, if that’s your thing.

3. For People Who Skip Ads

Funny, creative, and typical lying-Natalie. Because she loves her fans, Natalie consistently apologizes for delays in the uploading schedule. Yet, she has a real job outside of YouTube. In her own words, “You’ve signed up for the lies of this channel.” The problem with falling in love with CommunityChannel is that she’s not that into you. Her videos are small gifts. But because her comedy is intoxicating, don’t skip her YouTube videos.


Featured Image: Natalie Tran ‘communitychannel’ by Surian Soosay (CC BY 2.0)