The Sanctity of a Beach

A prose poem by Kristopher Heaton

Everything Else | | March 25, 2016

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Undisturbed, untarnished, unaltered and underlain only with that which it is, the simmering image of holiness reflects off of a beach in Punta Cana. Swept away from the daily things, safety from the storm is gracefully given like a pat on the shoulder from a loving father as you are sent off into the world. To join this single beach in isolated safety grants a welcome on sand like white gold, bare feet sinking and melting into tiny, tactless grains of innate treasure. Clouds retreat one and all from the sky, the sheer light of day first blinding, but then soothing into sight and the mind’s eye like tears in liberating release. Stretching out from the fine, soft divisions of halcyon rock is the infinite grasp of simmering sapphire seas, a perfect shade of crystal blue persuasion putting shame to the green murk of American waters. A blazing hue is hinted subtly upon the noble cerulean seas, cast across the horizon by a flaring pearl upon the sky, the god emperor of space and time. And behind the best view in the house lies trees of perfect greenery housing footprints to and from a sacred paradise, reminders of the world that such a sanctuary is only a small part of. It was God who said that all should be safe, all should be untouched and unravaged. Sometimes the proof that there is safety only lies in the sight of the sanctity of a beach.   

Author’s Notes:

  • Seriously, go to Punta Cana. Their beaches are out of this world.
  • Crystal Blue Persuasion. See what I did there?

Featured Image: Public Domain