Record Store Day 2016

Exclusive Releases From Your Music Faves

Guilty Pleasure | Juliann Phan | April 15, 2016

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It’s the day most vinyl collectors patiently await at the beginning of each new year–Record Store Day, or RSD.


This is happening on this coming Saturday, April 16! Local record stores will be releasing exclusive vinyl from artists like David Bowie, Justin Bieber, The Flaming Lips, La Dispute, Run the Jewels, and many more.

The full list has been published. However, keep in mind individual record stores may not carry what you’re looking for. Check your local record stores social media sites and see what they will be carrying.

The categories are:

  • RSD Exclusive Releases – Rare for participating stores, not available in the same format elsewhere any other time.
  • RSD Limited Run/Regional Focus Release Very, super duper rare! Maybe your local record store will have what’s on the sub-list, maybe they won’t.
  • RSD First Release – You will be the one of the first to own this record, but eventually it will be dispiresd to other retailing record stores.

There are rumors there will be other releases that surface the day of, so keep your ears open and check Record Store Day or Modern Vinyl.

Some tips before you go:

  1. Look at the List – Choose your top 3 you absolutely couldn’t live without and get those.

  2. Dig Deep in Your Wallet – These records will not be cheap, but will be worth it.
  3. Go Early – There will be a line, especially if your city region has a select few record stores.
  4. Avoid Assholes – Yes there will be assholes in line talking about their collection, humble bragging and such, bring headphones, a book, a cup of coffee, a friend to pass the time you wait in line.
  5. Thank Your Record Store Owner!!! – This is most important! Smile at them! Thank them for being rad and owning and operating a shop.

For Mason folks, our closest record store will be MobiusRecord and Tape Exchange or Vienna Music Exchange. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to wander to other record stores, check participating stores.

Even if you don’t own a record player or don’t collect vinyl, support your local business who keep music alive and maybe collect something rare and certainly valuable down the road!

Happy Shopping Record Lovers!




Featured Image: Indabelle (CC BY-NC 2.0)