Metro Woes: A Bad Day for Commuters

Patriot Post | Katie Schrum | March 18, 2016

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I, like many of my fellow Patriots, commute to campus.

I live in Arlington so I take the Metro everyday to campus. The main reason is because I don’t have a car. But

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even if I did, I would rather take the Metro, most days, so I don’t have to deal with the parking nonsense that happens at George Mason. It’s convenient and I use the commute to do my readings for class, personal reading, or listening to music.

So most days I enjoy the Metro, but Wednesday was not one of those days.

Due to another fire on the Metro lines, caused by a wire malfunction, the entire Metro was closed all day. This impromptu shut down forced me to find another, less convenient, way to get to campus for my midterm.

I couldn’t get a ride in with my roommate because she was working an opening shift at her job, so I really wasn’t feeling like getting up before the sun on a day I didn’t have to work an opening shift at my job. Thankfully

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she promised to give me a ride home. I wasn’t going to Uber because well surge pricing would have been through the roof. So I had to take the Metrobus system. There isn’t just one straight shot bus that hits every station from Arlington to Vienna, so I had to take three buses to reach Vienna. Since George Mason University decided not to run their shuttles to Vienna I also had to take the Cue bus system on top of the three other buses.

This added an extra forty minutes to my usual commute. Thankfully, I left way too early just in case all Hell broke loose on my commute.

Granted I was not effected as badly as others going into D.C., but I feel that this was not handled well.

Metro General Manager, Paul J. Wiedefeld, said the close was necessary for the safety of the riders, which is metro-carunderstandable. But the reasoning was not sound since they should have been looking into this about a year ago when someone died because of a smoke issue having to do with wires. The fact that they waited until Wednesday to look into the issue is shameful, and obviously detrimental to many commuters. I think they could have at least set aside a day and told commuters in advance so they could work something out instead of scrambling.

Obviously, I will continue to use it but I am immensely disappointed in their poor planning and excuses.