Wait…what?! : Iowa Caucus Results

Of General Concern | Amber Papas | February 2, 2016

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Yesterday, citizens of Iowa were the first to let the nation know who they feel would have the best chance at a run for the presidency in their respective parties.

The results were surprising to say the least.

(Gage Skidmore (C.C. 2.0))

For the Republican Party, Sen. Ted Cruz won the day with 27.7% of the vote. Donald Trump followed with 24.3% and Sen. Marco Rubio was in third place with 23.1%. The former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, dropped out of the race.

For the Democratic Party, there was practically a tie between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton received 49.9% of the vote (699 votes) while Sanders received 49.6% (695 votes). Gov. Martin O’Malley dropped out of the race after having only 0.6% of the vote (8 votes).

(Results were found at LA Times)

Clinton’s campaign acknowledged the thin margin between herself and Sanders.

But stated that it was still big enough that she had won the night. Sanders called the results a “virtual draw.” Even Iowa’s Democratic Party said the race was “historically close” and didn’t claim a victor (CBS). With no victor named and

(C.C. 2.0)
(C.C. 2.0)

the New Hampshire caucuses only a week away, both campaigns have some serious work to do in order to secure their chance to the presidency.

While Trump has been the clear frontrunner in polling, he was not successful for the night, which brings forward some questions regarding whether or not his fan base will carry him past the nomination campaign. With Rubio close behind, some speculate that this may turn into a race between Rubio and Cruz, pushing Trump out of the picture (CBS).

Much remains uncertain but what is clear is that this presidential nomination will be a race to the end.