Four Underrated Comedians You Need to Watch

Prepare for severe hypoxia

Real Talk | Katie Schrum | March 27, 2016

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Everyone loves to laugh right? Especially if you’re in college and you’re trying to pretend like you aren’t stressed about everything in your life.

If you love stand up comedy and are running out of comedians to watch, I have a few suggestions for you.

I hold no responsibility for you watching them and then suffer from lack of oxygen reaching your lungs. You’ve been warned in advance.

1. John Mulaney

You probably see this guy GIFed and turned into photo sets all over the Internet, but have you actually seen his work? I never knew that an awkward Catholic guy from Chicago would quickly become my favorite comedian. There is something so appealing about him, especially to those of us in college. He covers it all, from his love of Law and Order: SVU to why he doesn’t drink anymore to making people suffer in diners by playing What’s New Pussycat. He’s immensely relatable and just seems like someone you would have in your friend group.

2. Jack Whitehall

My favorite British comedian. He’s incredibly posh and basically the definition of a walking first world problem, but there is something compelling about him running around the stage in his over-dramatic fashion. If you hate Robert Pattinson with a passion, you’ll love Jack because half of his comedy is about him going to school with Robert and hating him the whole time.

3. Billy Connolly

One of my mom’s favorite comedians. You might know him as Il Duce in The Boondock Saints or Uncle Monty in A Series of Unfortunate Events, but he’s also a fantastic and profane stand-up comedian. You’ll be laughing so hard you can barely breathe and your ribs will hurt. How we allowed this man to be in multiple children’s programs after his stand up career is beyond me. If you don’t like a lot of cursing and crude humor, please avoid at all costs because this man is not for you.

4. Jimmy Carr

Another excellent British comedian. He was just featured on Jimmy Fallon, so I’m hoping he doesn’t stay underrated in America for much longer. Like Jack Whitehall, he’s very posh but with a much more tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic form of comedy. He is one of those take-no-crap comedians and will frequently call out hecklers or people on their phones during his stand-up. He is also the host of the yearly televised pub quiz The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, which features a ton of British celebrities answering questions about the year’s events which always falls into chaos. Also, his laugh is ridiculous and is something to behold.

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