• Why I Think Zayn Malik Has A Bad Attitude

    I'll admit that I'm a fan of One Direction, but not to the point so many others are. I enjoy their music, but I honestly only remember which one is Zayn and which one is Harry. So when Zayn left the

  • Four Underrated Comedians You Need to Watch

    Everyone loves to laugh right? Especially if you're in college and you're trying to pretend like you aren't stressed about everything in your life. If you love stan

  • Metro Woes: A Bad Day for Commuters

    I, like many of my fellow Patriots, commute to campus. I live in Arlington so I take the Metro everyday to campus. The main reason is because I don't ha

  • Thoughts From an Eternally Single 20 Year Old

    I've never been kissed and I'm okay with that. I've never dated and I've never had anyone confess their undying love for me (but if you're holding that info back you should tell me).

  • ASMR is Life Changing

    If you're like me and often fall into the YouTube void, you've probably seen videos with the acronym ASMR in the title. You may have clicked on it and h