Anonymous Sex Story Submissions: ROUND 3

titty titty bounce bounce

Patriot Post | Anonymous | March 3, 2016

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Don’t buy condoms from a 7-11 in Japan. They break easy, trust me.


Donde esta la Clitoris?


I didn’t know her name, but she was from William and Mary, who cares?


Sometimes me and my girlfriend like to experiment, she is really big into the whole cheerleader fantasy, but I usually try and avoid it. The Pom-Poms make me feel very weird.


Have you ever found of the Clitoris? I haven’t, but you know it doesn’t really affect my experience…


titty titty bounce bounce


It was 3am, All I sent was a winky face emoji and they were over in 5 mins


One time I went to this guys place for a threesome (this was a Grindr hookup). When I got there the guy was not what he appeared to be from his pic and he also smelled bad. When we got up to the room I met the third (this jacked black guy in his 30’s). I could tell from his face and later body language that he wasn’t thrilled to be there either. After 15 min of awkward back and forward I couldn’t do it anymore and literally got up in the middle of ‘it’ grabbed my clothes and stumbled out saying my roommate needed to be let in to the dorm. That look the third gave me as I abandoned him was that of unforgiving hate and still to this day I wonder if he ever left too or if he stood it out till the guy got off….we’ll never know.


Okay, so all of these submissions suck (not in the good way) so I’ve elected to post one of my sex stories. Back in the 8th grade, my brother’s friend came on over for a casual hangout, which usually meant a Xbox session. As always we found ourselves screaming and swearing at whatever game we played. ‘Bullshit!’ and ‘He did not shoot first!’ could often be heard throughout the house. I don’t know what was so different about him, but I found myself thinking about my brother’s friend and suspected he was of the sexual adventurous realm such as my handsome self. Having both myself and ‘Bob’ let’s say his name was, grown rather bored, I innocently with no agenda in mind excused myself to the basement while extending invitation to Bob. While my brother stayed in his room continuing to play Call of Duty, Bob and I made our way to the TV in the basement. Between the mundane replays and commercials, we half-heartedly began to flirt with one another. I got up from the opposite side of the couch and sat next to him as we started up the Xbox (there was another in the basement). “Those are some nice shorts, bet they’d look better off you,” Bob says with a shaking voice. I was surprised at this spontaneous claim..yet it was all I needed to get the ball finally rolling. I unbutton my shorts and pull them off and what do you know the game is on pause mode. We slowly reach down in each other’s pants and slowly massaging each others cocks. Not two minutes later we’re both naked from the waist down, as he then compliments how well endowed I am. Both waiting for the other to decide who gets blown first, he slips off the couch and opens his mouth. Thousands of thoughts rush my head as to what my first blow job will feel like and then my cock becomes wet. Having for the first time feel the warmth of another’s mouth wet my cock, I moan as my heartbeat increases with every thrust of Bob’s mouth. My curiosity is peaked, and I pull him up. It’s now my turn. I get down and widen my mouth. Then..I go down, first having thought of how similar the taste is to the rest of the skin on the body (for some reason I though the taste of dick would be a distinct flavor). He moans no different than I just a few moment earlier. This went on for the next 15 minutes until Bob got a call from his mom asking him to come home for dinner. We get up, put back our shorts back on, and on his way to the stairs, “you won’t tell your brother about this, right?” he asks. I nod my head, and up the stars Bob went. As the door shuts behind him, a weird an unexpected feeling came over me. It was a feeling that’s hard to describe, neither regret nor content. I simply went back upstairs and watched TV in my room. We don’t really talk anymore Bob and I, even when he every now and again visits my brother at the house. To this day, my brother hasn’t the slightest idea of what happened that day in the 8th grade, while he endlessly played his game, just two floors below of how Bob and I were getting our first blow jobs. Eh whatever, much more hotter guys to blow than that popsicle.

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