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"No condom, No problem"

Patriot Post | Anonymous | February 28, 2016

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So this was in my senior year of high school. My friends will probably recognize this story. My girlfriend and I worked at a reputable ice cream store back then, and we were working a closing shift together. As the shift was drawing to a close, we got the urge to do the do so we started looking around the store for a spot without cameras (as the office chair in the back had seen many a blow job and many the firing as a result) and decided on the walk-in refrigerator. After 15 minutes of humping like bunny rabbits, she gets out and I put my pants back on. As I open the door, I hear a voice that sounded a lot like my girlfriend so I stepped out while putting my belt on. There in front of me was my girlfriend’s mom, who saw me visibly put my belt back on. Somehow we spun it as restocking product and got away with it (probably wishful thinking). That’s the story of the time I screwed inside a walk-in fridge.


Me, a bear, and some Red Hots.


Ever heard of the movie Inception? It’s that, but with my penis: I call it Conception.


Let’s just say I have a few broken hearts in my lifetime, but my friend, wasabi, has always been there for me.


They say Black don’t crack, but I found my way into a certain crevice.


It was my first day of school and naturally I was very scared, but I secured the straps of my backpack and sauntered into class. Immediately, my eyes locked on to the busty blonde beauty in the back corner and took up a seat to her left. “What’s your name?” she spoke out so softly I had to lean in close to give me ample view of her natural gifts ;). “Jack, and you?” “Becky.” “Wanna go somewhere a little quieter?” I plead. “Sure,” she giggles and with that we are out of class as quietly as possible, as soon as we round the corner I can’t stop my self and pull her in for a kiss. She responds with her hands resting on my hips and gradually pulling me closer. I don’t want to get into the details, but let’s just say when the principal came by and saw us he was so shocked our parents were called immediately and we both were sent to different schools for the remainder of 4th grade.


No condom, No problem


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