8 Reasons Why You Should Get Hype for SEX WEEK

8 Reasons, Not 69.

Patriot Post | Al Raines | February 26, 2016

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1. It’s gonna be long.

That’s right. Sex Week goes from February 28 to March 5. That’s seven long and hard days for lots of talk about sex, relationships, love, sexuality, gender, and everything in between.

2. It’s gonna get freaky.

Oh yes it is. Sex Week is freaky, so get ready to get freaky with it. You may feel uncomfortable at times, but you’re just gonna have to deal. It’s Sex Week!

3. It’s gonna be dirty.

If anyone is gonna go there, The Rival is gonna go there. Uncensored, unfiltered, undefeated. #TalkDirtyToMe, The Rival Sex Week.

4. It’s gonna be sexy.


5. It’s gonna be… informative.


6. It’s gonna make you laugh.


7. It’s gonna make you cry.


8. It’s gonna make you love The Rival.


So go ahead, send us your anonymous sex stories 😉

The Rival GMU will post anonymous sex stories throughout the week, so be on the look out.