6 Dead, Two Wounded in Drive-By Shooting Spree

Of General Concern | Gabriel Komisar | February 21, 2016

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In Kalamazoo, Michigan six people were killed and two others wounded in a series of seemingly random shootings that began and ended late Saturday night.

Jason Brian Dalton, 45, has been taken into custody in connection with the shootings, and is currently being questioned over six deaths at three different locations in Kalamazoo County.

His shooting spree, spanning thirteen miles and three different locations, had no specific target. But from the driver’s seat of his


Chevrolet HHR, Datlon took victims indiscriminately outside of town homes, and at a car dealership, before Southern Michigan Police were called in at 10pm. Just ten minutes after police responded, the third shooting occurred in the parking lot of a family restaurant.

One woman was shot six times and critically wounded outside the town homes. Two men, father and son, were shot dead inside their car at the dealership, and at the Cracker Barrel four women were murdered and a fourteen-year-old-girl wad critically injured.

Dalton’s rampage ended at around 12:40 a.m. when police stopped his vehicle based on the description and took him into custody without incident.

A semi-automatic handgun was found inside his vehicle.

According to Kalamazoo County prosecuting attorney Jeff Getting, Dalton has not yet been charged but is expected to face murder charges. The woman and girl who survived the shootings were seriously injured but are expected to make a full recovery.


On the 14-year-old’s survival Getting said in his press conference Sunday morning, “I don’t know how to talk about it in medical terms — they thought she was deceased, [but] she wasn’t. Call it a miracle, call it what you want, but she is alive now.”

As of this time the victims names have not been released to the public as the police have not yet finished notifying the relatives of the deceased.

*Feature Image from (Al Forist/WZZM)