2016 Virginia Primary results, and overview of Super Tuesday

Of General Concern | Heather Walton | March 3, 2016

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The results for the Virginia primary election have arrived!

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton took her seventh win in the state primaries yesterday with just over 64% of the vote (504,612 votes overall).results_Clinton

Bernie Sanders came in a distant second with 35% (275,994) of the vote, and Martin O’Malley in third with only .51% (4,020).

For the Republicans, Donald Trump takes his sixth state primary win with over 34% of the vote (356,582).

Marco Rubio comes in a very very close second with 31% (327,515) of the vote.

Ted Cruz comes in third with only 16% (171,067) of the votes.

A full break down of the Virginia Primary can be found here.

Here are the results for Super Tuesday (where multiple states hold primary elections on the same day):


  • Donald Trump has won the primary in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Virginia.
  • Ted Cruz has won Oklahoma, Texas and Alaska.
  • Marco Rubio only has the primary vote in Minnesota.


  • Hillary Clinton has the vote in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts and Virginia
  • Bernie Sanders has the primary in Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Vermont.

More information on Super Tuesday can be found here.

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