16 Ways to Prepare for College Graduation

The Art of Adulting

Patriot Post | Al Raines | March 11, 2016

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So, you’ve applied to graduate and your graduation request has been approved. #ClassOf2016 What’s next?

Here are 16 important things you should do to prepare for graduation.

1. Double check (triple check, quadruple check) with your adviser.

If you go to Mason, you’ll know that the Office of the University Registrar likes to change the number of credits required for program completion JUST ABOUT every semester. So, it’s super important to aggravate the crap out of your adviser by visiting their office at an unhealthy frequency, asking them if your credits are still in order. And if they’re not, just march to the Registrar and tell them off.

2. Update your resume like, every week.

If you’re going to be an adult, you’ve got to do the adulting. This means keeping your resume nice ‘n updated for maximum adulting power. Don’t have a resume or don’t know how to make one? Go to Career Services and tell them you have no idea what you’re doing with your life; they’ll help you out.

3. Attempt at writing a stupid cover letter.

Stupid cover letters… Damn you, cover letters! Isn’t my resume enough to be like, “Here’s why I’m awesome, here’s why you are disgraceful if you don’t hire me”?? The world says, “No, no, your resume is not enough. Hahaha suck it.” Ugh. So, you might as well try to write one before you fall into a dark abyss of failure at life.

4. Research and contact potential employers.

It is pretty important to know what kind of employer you want to work for. It was okay in high school to graduate and be like, “Uhh I don’t know what I’m doing,” but it is no longer okay, my friend. The Interweb is your best friend; use it to find the industry you want to be part of. If you’re able to contact potential employers, hey, that’s even better.

5. Make sure your profs got yo’ back.

Start low-key making significant relationships with your professors. If you’ve gotten all the way to your final semester of college and haven’t made any efforts, you might be in trouble. Because you’ll probably get offered a job that needs references, and if you don’t have references they can contact, that’s kind of a problem. Go to your professors’ office hours and add them on Facebook. You won’t regret it.

6. Purchase your cap & gown and graduation announcements.

Yes, it will cost you about a hundred dollars and then some, but the investment is worth it. When you’re 40, you can show your cap & gown and announcements to your kids and be like, “See? I told you I’ve accomplished things.” Make the investment, boo.


7. Create your personalized #GraduationTurnUp playlist.

“Work” by Rihanna, “Paper Planes” by M.I.A., and “Young, Wild & Free” by Snoop Dogg feat. Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars are some great songs to kick off your #GraduationTurnUp playlist. “When I’m Gone” by 3 Doors Down” is another excellent party anthem. No matter what’s on your #GraduationTurnUp playlist, make sure it speaks to your soul. It’s your playlist, baby.

8. Pick up graduation tickets for your squad.

Who do you want to see you walk down the aisle and shake the dean’s hand? Pick up graduation tickets and decide on your SQUAD — them bitches who got your back till the end.

9. Finish any exit forms that the university requires.

They’ll badger you with emails about exit forms and surveys, so be on the look out for those. Or ignore them altogether, your choice.

studying graduation

10. Study hard for exams and do all your assignments/ essays/ projects like a boss.

It’s your final semester of undergraduate school, so you might as well act like you still care, right?

11. Give up on trying to juggle school, work, sleep, food, and social life, get drunk, and cry with your friends.

Ah, screw it. That whole trying-to-care thing didn’t last long. Give up, get drunk, and let the tears flow.

12. Buy a cute graduation cap for your pet!!


Need I say more?

13. Laugh at your student debt for approx. five minutes.

Hahaha. I can totally pay off that much money in that amount of time. Hahahahaha. Lol just kidding.

14. Remind your parents you’ll be moving back in for a couple years — ahem, months.

See number 13.

15. Start acting like an adult, damn it.

You’re going to be out of the college world soon, transformed into a full-fledged adult, so you better start acting like one, damn it.


16. Get fucking plastered.

Hide ya kids hide ya wife ’cause we gettin’ wasted. We are the class of 2k16, baby. #YOLO


The Rival does not promote reckless behavior, but does promote drinking responsibly.


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